About Lahore
P.S.H2018 September 28-30 2018 PC-Lahore

18th Annual Conference Of Pakistan Society of Hepatology
September 28-30, 2018 in PC-Lahore,Pakistan


Known as the Mughal City of Gardens, it’s hard not to see the influence of the Mughals in Lahore’s culture and architecture. There’s the Lahore Fort or Shahi Qila, which was built during the Mughal Emperor Akbar’s reign and has been regulary upgraded by allthe subsequent rulers.


The monument was built in the 1960s on the site where the resolution for the formation of Pakistan was passed in 1941. That makes it a pretty darn important political site

Wagah border

Wagah border deserves to be mentioned separately because of it’s political and historical significance. The Wagah border ceremony itself has become such an attraction, that many people venture out to the border daily just to see the flag lowering ceremony.

Food capital of Pakistan

Ask any Lahori and they’ll tell you that there’s no better place for food in Pakistan than Lahore. With historic places such as Gawal Mandi and Anarkali to more modern establishments in places like MM Alam Road, Lahore is beaming with countless dining options


There’s a reason Lahore is known as the cultural hub of Pakistan. The people of Lahore celebrate several festivals throughout the year which allows for the city to remain lively. In addition to the Eid festivals, Lahore is also renowned for Basant, the Festival of Lamps or Mela Chiraghan, the National Horse and Cattle show, Pakistan Army and Pakistan Airforce parades, and others. Basically, there are a lot of celebrations that go on in Lahore which allow for a lively and diverse culture to flourish in the city.

Real Beauty of Lahore

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